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Taxi Applications

Automating Your Business

Driver Connect

Keep your customers telephone numbers PRIVATE! Allow Customers to call Drivers directly and Drivers to call Customers directly. Record the phone calls and free up your Booking Agents to take more bookings.

  • Drivers call the assigned Customer number.
  • Customers call the assigned Driver number.
  • Telephone Numbers kept PRIVATE! Data Protection Compliant.
  • Customise the number shown to customers.
  • Booking Agents can take more bookings rather than deal with enquiries.
  • Cloud based / unlimited calls at any one time.
  • All calls are RECORDED, linked to the booking and stored for 6 months
  • Low cost per minute / Ability to control usage and call spend

IVR in the cloud.

Allows regular customers to quickly make a booking and check the progress of their taxi waiting on the phone to speak to a Booking Agent. Allows you to take more bookings without the cost of extra staff.

  • 24/7 cloud based service
  • Free upgrades
  • Automate bookings for regulars and control Customers’ eligibility
  • Customers can speak to a Booking Agent at any time
  • Turn off IVR for certain customers
  • IVR for Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets & Free-Phones
  • Where’s my car? When a Customer rings back to query where their car is – IVR answers and tells them the vehicles make, model and colour, gives an ETA and offers to connect them to the Driver!


Alert landline Customers of dispatch and arrival, reduce Drivers’ waiting time. If Customers answer the calls we play a professional Company message and provides the vehicle make, model, colour and the ETA.

  • Completely cloud-based
  • No expensive equipment or phone lines needed
  • Customer sees your main telephone number ringing (customisable)
  • Unlimited RingBacks+ at any one time
  • Rings Customer once to alert of dispatch and twice to alert of arrival
  • If the call is answered RingBack+ provides the vehicles details and ETA
  • Low cost / Free upgrades