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Outsourcing your IT...

...could save you time and money.

Outsourcing your IT, could save you time and money.

Dolphin specialise in working with small to medium companies to streamline their IT infrastructure, improve communication and improve productivity. We believe that your systems should be secure, integrated, easy to use, cost effective, easy to maintain and be available when you need them.

We work with the latest cloud based technology to deliver effective solutions to your company.

You and your co-workers should be able to access your work, collaborate and communicate effectively whenever and wherever you are, whether you’re in the office, in a meeting, at home, on a train or in a hotel and from any device; your desktop PC, Chromebox, Mac, Chromebook, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The latest Android phones and tablets now provide so amny different ways to communicate and fulfil the roles of many traditional devices.


Our broadband services are flexible and designed to offer high reliability and uptime, along with a prioritised service and out of hours support. We offer these via BT or Talk Talk Business to ensure that you do not have to rely on one service provider.

ADSL2+ Our simplest broadband offers speeds up to 24Mb/s down and 2Mb/s up.  Our ADSL2+ services are bundled with a standard telephone line.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) – Fibre broadband is rolling out across the UK, offering speeds of up to 80Mb/s down and 20Mb/s up.  Our FTTC services are bundles with a standard telephone line.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) – With much higher reliability and traffic prioritisation, FTTP is available in larger towns and cities and provides a much more resilient service to normal ADSL / FTTC services.

Leased line – For the ultimate in reliability, our leased lines offer high Service Levels (SLAs) and a premium service to larger organisations.


Your network lies at the core of your business.  We offer a range of high availability routers and switches to keep your network running and to ensure your connection to the outside world.

Our latest solution sets are designed to deliver high speed internet connectivity, failover and redundancy for mission-critical applications, , site-wide managed WiFi, high-capacity firewalls and a central management system to monitor and control the network and your on premise equipment.

The customer presentation

Imagine arranging a meeting with a customer in Central London. You enter the appointment into your calendar whilst sitting at your desk. Two hours before the appointment, you are reminded to leave. You calendar appointment automatically links to Google Maps Navigation and directs you to your customer’s office.

The traffic is busy, so you park up somewhere on the outskirts of London. Public transport mode directs you to the nearest tube station or bus stop. Google Maps effortlessly guides you to your customer’s door with plenty of time to spare.

Your colleague has been busy working on a presentation which you can quickly view on your tablet while you are waiting for your customer to meet you, in time for you to log into a browser on their media PC and deliver the perfect presentation.

While you are away from your desk, you phone calls are directed through to your mobile phone and when your meeting starts, callers are automatically directed to a special voicemail greeting, telling them that you are in a meeting.


Powerful communication tools for your office staff, home workers, mobile teams and call centre agents.

Call Management

Monitor and control your calls to improve performance and reduce costs.

Team Collaboration

Work together more efficiently using Google Apps and other cloud applications.


Record all calls, emails, IMs and text messages to enable training and compliance.

Managed Networks

Our fully managed and remotely monitored networks keep all of your sites connected.


24 hour support

We operate our support desk 24x7 to ensure that you are always connected.