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Integrated telephony

A multitude of powerful features and functions.

Integrated telephony

A multitude of powerful features and functions.

Any device… anywhere.

Our telephony platform offers connectivity from a multitude of devices, at practically any location.

Products & Services


Choose the right telephone system for your company. We provide on-site, hosted and hybrid solutions

Google Apps

Powerful email, calendar, document collaboration, instant messaging, video conferencing and much more


The stylish, new headset from Dolphin ONE is ideal for the busy workplace and…

Taxi Apps

Hosted Taxi Apps for the Taxi & Private Hire trade. Linked to your dispatch system…


Powerful communication tools for your office staff, home workers, mobile teams and call centre agents.

Call Management

Monitor and control your calls to improve performance and reduce costs.

Team Collaboration

Work together more efficiently using Google Apps and other cloud applications.


Record all calls, emails, IMs and text messages to enable training and compliance.

Managed Networks

Our fully managed and remotely monitored networks keep all of your sites connected.


24 hour support

We operate our support desk 24x7 to ensure that you are always connected.